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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Zandile ....

This Girl kills me aaalll the time. like very single fokken time. how is that possible. Zandie Stop it!too much of something cant be too good. Boys and Girls get acquainted with this Dime peice. Her style is on super point and effortless. she carries it in her step and her smile. Get familiar.... Zandile Nkomo will be gracing our pages with updates from London and New york...thats all for now..all im saying is get Familiar with the new familia.

Meet Jade Paton.

Meet Jade Paton

I think This girl and her Blog are downright weird but for some reason im always on her blog. Something always draws me back to check out her latest Posts,fucking weird strange(I'm trying really hard but im just NOT  getting it sisi) looks and her sex infused Porn posts. Actually secretly I may think elements of this girl. I reiterate elements... are the future. for example this look! I'm guessing it was inspired by the Beyonce shot below taken from her blog. I love the way she has added her own Patoness to it and Owned it. she definitely does have a drawing card. check out that weiredness im talking about at

Saturday, September 25, 2010

China Town Chillin

Decided to hit up china town with of a few of the people that live in our apartment. Dope settings.tuk tuks.Leo Beer Towers,good pad thai (national Thai dish) flashing lights and a global village...welcome to the Capital Of Cool.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

HIS/HER LOOKS For Dirty secret INSPACE party

myself  and Jam Jar were inspace preparing for the last dirty secret and we came up with these phenomenal looks.
Unfortunately this look did not make the last dirty secret party.We had high hopes for this look  which was going to set the theme for our performance Art alongside his set for the night. Shit was sour on the day and we decided to crap it. It would've been Magic...One day JamJar.....I love this Guy ad his art direction.he is beyond our times.we create Fire together.I cant wait for Hoodrich to premier.Hoodrich is a fashion Video directed by Jamal feautring Myself ''RhaRha'' And The Fresh prince of Joho as Urban mosadai has dubbed him as "Zakes". The feel is very 1992 south african fashion vibez. check the link for the next Inspace dirty secret party coming up on the 3rd of October.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Litlle Dragon Binge- Call it Blinking Pigs.

So I've Been On this musical binge for a pure week,Little Dragon beeeen killing it...check out this vid...Too FRESHE!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Theophilus London Steam

This Kid is making all the right Moves.

Little Dragon- Stranger

JLN: Started listning to Little Dragon the Day "Life" hit me,guess she has a way of smoothing things out...that's why I dedicate this to you "Stanger".



The first time we hit up Thailand we were stuck in this village called Saraburi. If it was not for this Haven called Pakchong i may have not been sitting here today! Pakchong is a great lil town about 20min motorbike ride from Saraburi. In this town lies a dope spot called Hometown where people rock out like its the 70's.real chilled out vibez and good herb.If you ever in Thailand check these kids out.they got mad talent on the mic. Their sound is  a fusion of Thai rock and reggae.