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Friday, March 19, 2010

Graff Artist SHOCK REA Is SHOCKING BKK city With His Tags!

The First few times we took to the streets of BKK we noticed Graffiti Artist  SHOCK REA's work...we were waiting for a taxi boat to go to Pratanum when we Peeped this real dope Tag behind us!SHOCK.
As we trod the City I noticed this dudes Work was everywhere.
Go play Magazine caught up with him and this is what he had to say:

Go Play : "Where are you from?"

                                                   SHOCK: "Europe " 

                                                         Go Play  "When  did you start  you start getting into Graffiti?"
                                          SHOCK   : "In 1991. It has been on and off since then.But when I came here I felt like I was 15 again. I felt like I had something to catch up on before I got too old or before I have family I want to paint a Lot  before I have to slow down  a little bit"

                                                 Go Play :" What do you think is interesting about Graffiti?  "
SHOCK   : " I think the ultimate thing about being a writer is being all around .I would say I'm a Vandal with a little bit of a touch,you know,like I want to do everything and I can do    everything from quick things to things that I have to spend a long time with.When You can do anything,I think thats the ultimate thing when it comes to being a writer."
                                           Go Play   : "If you are from Europe why do you do Graffiti in Thailand?"

SHOCK:  "I dont really think I should  answer this question. The thing is at the moment graffiti is not really a problem here in Thailand .The Police and the authorities have so many other things to care about  first than about painting. I think in about 3 to 5 years or something this will be a problem and the Police will Care about  what is goin on everything,Until then ,you can paint almost everywhere you know.So it's alot better than where i come from where it is very difficult to paint."

                          Go Play : "What Is Graffiti to you?"

SHOCK:  "Its about getting your name up.Its about letters.Everything around letters is just a decoration,Its Just your name and putting your name on the wall  and spray as much as you can .Some people get famous from spraying their name thier works are not so beautiful.Some take their time with their works but for me the essence of graffiti is from spraying  your name everywhere and don't care about anything!"
This movie clip-set features 100% live footage of my main man SHOCK.REA.PMT doing his thing on the streets of Bangkok, but also footage of one of BKK's most notorious and allcity writers, KIMES.PMT.TC. None of this is legal, but as those of you whom have been to Bangkok know, one can get away with alot as long as one goes about it right. The final scenes are from a very sweet spot on the BTS (Skytrain) line/station which as far as I know is still up today. Massive props to SHOCK for making it happen!

Music clips are from artists Company Flow, Cannibal OX, NWA, and FakeBlood. Copyright to the respective artists for full tracks

words by Timmy Tare.


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