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Saturday, October 2, 2010


In My grand life plan that never really goes according to plan..I Move to Japan after my stay here in Bangkok, for two years where I get married to my best friend and the soundtrack to our life is ''lovers in Japan'' by coldplay  before we  move to either New York or Somewhere in Europe and hit the big Time and live the Diamante lifestyle . God...Please..if nothing else goes according to plan,ok maybe not nothing, I gots have to live the diamante lifestyle with my boo..please im begging you... I need to live in JAPAN!!
fuuuck I have to..What is it abut these people and their sense of style. Its not even so much the clothes because you could find the next person in Europe or Africa wearing the same thing. Its how they put it together and carry it off with such nonchalance. Asia is a jewel but Japan is the fucking Diamond!!The Queen Jewel and soon and very soon RhaRha will be landing on her shores.

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