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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Meet weerayut and ntnicha. Owners of NJOY.
So...some time last week i was out doing my 
my weekly dose of night market shopping. I love the night markets in Bangkok.
My favorite is Siam night market under the Siam BTS (skytrain) which happens every night at around 6pm onwards
Siam Night market has all the young designers selling their can find all the cool young trendy kids,hanging shopping and discussing threads. I love siam night market because you can find a cross between street culture and vintage gear. so.. anyway.... back to the yea i was out doing my browsing tryna find something unique.the thing about living in Bangkok is that there is sooo much choice.threads are evrywhere on every street corner,,on it makes shopping a lil hard but it really does force you you to train you eyes..ok.ok..back to the story so yea i was browsing around and stumbled upon this stall of vintage dimes!the stall is called NJOY and these two CoolKids own it. yep just take one look at them..i Don't gotta say shit!!There are many different styles of dress in Bangkok but i particularity love This type of Thai style where they are able to mix streetculture with a vintage feel, so obviously i went crazy over the pile of clothes they had piled up on the floor
I got some threads and went there by mistake..haha aging last night.Got some more funky pieces then this Duse is like yo you got mad style can i take a pic.Obviously not like was broken english Thai style but thats what i imagined it sounded like in proper English..then im like sure mayne!(HONORED)then this dude shows me some of his other pics and only then did i realise that his that fokken huge street fashion snapper(ThaiSatorilist) well maybe i likethings..but to me he is. I use his street fashions snaps on my Blog. if you guys follow you will know what im talking about.Iwas soo excited to be snapped by him!Things you stumble on in this city amaze me.

Thaigers(I just say that cos i cant say nigger) killin it out here!

                                                  Ill post the snaps when I get them.

                                 RhaRha xoxoxo

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