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Monday, October 4, 2010


KANGOL Hats Used to kill it back in the days. You remember yours right... Im not gonna lie I never really rocked My KANGOL Hat the way it should be rocked I Think I was way too young and my style genes had not kicked in yet, But I always remeber  checkin out the older fresher kids on the block rocking their red KANGOL hats the one with the fluff! In The US they rocked the KANGOL hats with Rope Chains,boomboxes and fresh kicks. SA put its own Kasi Flava to the kANGOL hat. The KANGOL was rocked with '' stone-washed jeans and striped shirts,  accompanied with brands like Kurt Geiger, Roccobarocco, Bass and Carvella . 

The 80'S were an Era of  creating and revolutionizing Movements. Black stars of the 80'S made sure they were always rocking their Gold Rope chains and doorknocker earings but they also made sure they were a associated with a brand.The rappers first choice was always KANGOL

''LL Cool J rocked  KANGOL hats hard in his earlier years. But Biggie and his Kangol hats were attached to the hip like Slick Rick and his 20 billion chains''- Giant Mag

At one Stage KANGOL  definitely influenced black urban fashion.It left a mark and a memory in many  minds....and thats whats soo DOPE about Era fashions.when they make an impression. when you can think back and recount what you were doin and who you were doin it with.Era fashions are like a soundtrack to a movie....always in the background making everything fresher and evoking emotion like your old skool

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  1. I always remember checkin out the older children on the block fresher red routed KANGOL hats, one with the fluff! In the United States that it shook the KANGOL hats with rope chains, and fresh kicks boomboxes.