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Monday, November 15, 2010

First Friday : Attic Studio's

                                             The ever Flawless Elisabeth                                                                     
      Peep her amazing body Art.Linked for dinner with her and Nat Last Friday and the pair are absolutely GLORIANA- I stole that word from her.I had to.
I feel as though ever since I have well should say and Jordan have moved to Bangkok Doors have just opened. Though the process is slow a creak is still an opening. We have met so many COOL people. Topping the list has to be Neil. I met Neil a couple of months ago on one of my escapades to BKK city.
When Neil told he he drew comics I was like yea nice dope but when i found out he drew Superman and Batman comics,the shit that all of us grew up on I was blown away!Not only is this dude humble but he is downright down to earth and always willing to help.We got to witness his work in progress at First Friday from start to finish. Epic stuff. 
Nat and Elisabeth come as fierce Creative Pair. They both Visionaries to my eyes! I cant wait to work with this pair.


Lopang is From South Africa.So good to have a fellow South African in the BKK. she has a beautiful kind spirit. we have decided to be dinner Buddies.The clubs can just wait..Right lopang!

                        Visionary pair

                              Thank you Attic Studios for another amazing first Friday


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