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Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Phillip of  Madburyclub (if you dont know them, jump up on it) and Award Tour clears up the POINT of Madburyclub. for those you that Dont get it....

''We’re trying to fill a niche here. We don’t have the man power to match the rate of production of a Complex. We don’t cover product with the scope or quickness of Hypebeast. But what we can provide is the specialized look. The unique perspective. The, “here, come join us, walk behind us through this spread and watch over our shoulder as we go about our days” view point that some of these large more mainstream guys either don’t have the time, or at the moment feel the need to provide''

''.Remember when cell phones were new? Yup. No one understood the “point” of those either. You have a perfectly good phone in the house why would you want one in the car and in your pocket? But now everyone and their seven year old cousin owns one. Sometimes you have to do what you can to usher in a little change. We’re just getting started''

                                                                         Read the full story for more,.

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