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Monday, December 13, 2010

BKK SPECIAL :Younggu AKA : "ALWAYS GAIN" Drops his New Single On the BKK Block..

CapitalCool  caught up with  BKK Rapper ''YOUNGGU Always Gain''We got to talking bout Hip Hop culture In Bangkok , Style and Influences''
This is What he had to say
 "Im in love with hiphop culture, the music, the fashion,  everything about hip hop. I'm a MC/rapper, my MC name is Younggu. Im all about the swag, I love shopping, some people might think fashion is for girls but for me its an ART ". "Dress to impress
                 Jordan with YounGGU & DJ TOB
" My love affair with Hip Hop began back in 99' in The States.  I was 11 years old, I went into the music store and got me "The Mis-education of Lauryn Hill", "NWA" Greatest Hits album, and "TLC FanMail". At that time I had no idea that this genre of music  was a form Hip Hop."
"My style is not fixed, im always looking to do new stuff and try new things,I HATE being like others. Im always looking for new and trendy stuff to rock. My style always changes, What ever i am inspired by reflects in my style,The music i Listen to and latest up to date gear I gotta Have!
I usually look out for what the DopesT Hip Hop artists are rocking and blend it in with my own personal  style."

I have just released song with Awhatup Radio Mixtape hosted by Thaitanium crew called "Wanna Be". Here is the link :

  Photography by Chia lin
   Art Direction by CapitalCool



  1. i knew him since middle school. neat guy with neat personality. u cant resis him once you're near him. that's his charm.