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Friday, January 28, 2011


 My good Friend Pete ,Mcee and Mixtape Prince in bangkok has become a Monk for a Month, this is to the Thai's What Initiation is in Africa to us. The entering of Manhood. I had the privilege of attending the ceremony. It was  such an amazing  Experience ,the shaving of the head and eyebrows,the rebirth , the change in garments, the readings, was all such a humbling Experience.Pete has to live at the temple and live a life of solitude peace and learn the teachings of Buddha, Once the Month is  Over The He can either choose to live a life  dedicated to spiritual enlightenment or go back to his Normal Life with Knowledge Gained. In my eyes this is such an honorable experience and transition into manhood and enlightenment. As modern  and face paced as Bangkok is their culture is still rooted strong in the culture and community.

Pictures by Chindanai Rukromphuke's

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