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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Swag you Up!

                                                           G E T T HE L O O K
D R E S S 
                                                   C A P I T A L C O O L!!
L O O K O N E .
L O O K T W O.
LO O K T H R E E .
L O O K F O U R.
L O O K F I V E .
L O O K S I X.
LO O K  S E V E N.
L O O K E I G H T.
L O O K N I N E .

Get The looks!Coming to SA soon.Swag you up!

Photographer: Melanie Kordishian Sabet
Styled by :Capitalcool


  1. I LOVE the way you capture london's grittiness in your blog, am now following xx

  2. Is it me, or does this guy look like Malcolm X

  3. LOVE these photos and all the looks! I really want the first glasses in Look 6 :)

  4. only seeing these comments Now!STUPid me!Thanks homies! JVK I have a lil shop so if you want i can get you some..swag!