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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Capital of Cool caught up with Swanky New Yorker, Visionary Custom Jewelry designer,Vogue Influencer and Style recognized  Guru.. 
N Y N E  L Y V E S.
CC : Zweditu,is an African Name Right? Ethiopian to be Exact. The name Zweditu immediately brings to mind Empress Zweditu Of Ethiopia ,you share the same name, 
what does your name mean to you?

NN : "I was named after Empress Zewditu, Queen of Kings. Zewditu means Crown and my middle name is Jewel. Crown Jewel, a name fit for an Artist; you can say Mama knew what she was doing:)
I am heavily inspired my Ancient Traditions and African tribes, whole heartedly. I love my people and I am happy to be a Child of The Universe, so that I may explore different cultures"
                                           CC :How did the name "NyneLyves" come about?
                            NN- Nyne Lyves. In short, 9 has always been my favorite number. I happened to be on 9th st in my hometown (DC), on my Birdday (6/12) which equals 9. My girl was telling someone he should go by this 3 digit number and I thought that was sweet. So I said hey!!! My favorite number is 9 and we're on 9th st. It all came together and the Lyves (lives) is because I am Nyne and I lyve.

      CC- How Are You Inspired by Africa?

                                   NN  : "I am heavily inspired my Ancient Traditions and African tribes, whole heartedly. I love my people and I am happy to be a Child of The Universe, so that I may explore different cultures."

CC- Break down your style, influences..
NN: "I am heavily inspired by both my Mom and Nana...whose clothes I'm frequently seen in. I also live the 70's and Jimi Hendrix is my Daddy. I admire free spirits, such as: Erykah Badu, Steven Tyler, Solange, and Lisa Bonet...because they simply do what they please. I'm all about that."

CC:What Thought process/direction/inspiration goes into your Jewelery line?
NN:" I'm actually in the process of revamping Nyne Lyves. In doing so, I am visiting several Museums/ Parks/ and old Vintage stores to draw inspiration. I sketch to get all my ideas out and bring chains and patterns together. I have to listen to Jimi Hendrix while designing. I go for what I love because I can not make anything that I do not stand behind."
CC:Your a Vogue Influencer, how does that feel? what does it mean to you and what platform has it been able to provide you with?
NN:"I tell people all the time, it's the title I adore. I mean it's flippin VOGUE, you know the Fashion Mecca!!! I am truly honored because this is the best recognition of Style; for that I am grateful."

CC: Not Only do you create and Influence you also Give Back, tell us more about that...

NN: "While I love making jewels and such' a lot of people done know that I work with the youth. This will be one of my many passions in life that I can only hope and believe will flourish into greatness. As we all know "the children are the future" and it is one of my tasks, to allow them to see this and many others who do not invest in our youth."

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  1. This whole, "I'm a child of the universe", earth-mother thing is getting really played out, especially in reference to Africa. Whether or not she's sincerely inspired by Africa and its "Ancient tribes and traditions" - that makes it sound as though they no longer exist - is not something I can evidently see through these pictures. Once again, Africa is being referred to as a monolith with no breakdown or specification as to which these 'tribes' are that she is inspired by.

  2. An African Lost.June 12, 2011 at 7:04 PM

    unfortunately for many of us.. Africa as a monolith is all we have. i don't think anyone means to offend those who has a direct lineage to Africa. we just try to embrace parts of Africa which, along with many other bloodlines, that are a part of us and make it our own. i know a lot of times its done out an attempt to be trendy. but i do not believe that to be the case with nyne..

    P.S. i absolutely adore her... her words and her work.. her beauty.. and her passion for our youth. enjoy your bday!!

  3. "Africa as a monolith is all we have". I beg to differ. I am not talking about heritage here, but rather about the specifics of what it is that inspires this individual. It doesn't take extensive research to know that thousands of individual ethnic groups exist on the African continent. When one reads articles about where artists draw their inspiration from, many of them go to great lengths to be specific in their examples.

    This isn't a 'trace your origins' test, I was simply curious to know which African tribes she's inspired by as I don't see much evidence of that in her aesthetic.

  4. LOVE your blog
    African power <3

    LOVE Lilla