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Thursday, October 27, 2011


We met up with our homie Juu Hau Zane designer of Urban Dwellers.
Here's what he had to say...
Who is Juu Hau Zane?
Juu Hau Zane is a curious boy rooted in china, and have been on a adventurous trips in england for five years. Every single cells in my body have been infected by london style viruses. I just finish my degree in Fashion at winchester school of art, and now based in London.

As a fashion designer and a stylist, which of the two do you find is easier to make a mark in the fashion industry?

I will definitely say designer, because as a fashion designer, all the designs are from the initialization of yourself, which will really bring out your original esthetic, whereas as a stylist is more about helping others to discover the versatilities in their designs. As a fashion designer too I know there is aways a "blind spot" which we need another pair of eyes to see it in a different way.

What inspired your Urban Dwellers Collection?
As I said I am a very curious person, particularly in culture issues. My whole collection is based on subculture, especially grunge, those
teenage spirits behind this movement really motivate me to inject them into the clothes I designed, the style of patching color, customizing, mixing and matching. it is a very liberal collection, in terms of the style and the manipulation of the fabrics.

 What is your favorite item from this collection?
  They are all my babes, I love all of them, I can not pick my favorite from them, I am sorry...
When did you realize that fashion was your calling?

I always know that I am going to study art, I did graphic, fine art and photography in school, but could not really fall myself into it, so I decided to take fashion in uni and have a go, If I absolutely hate it I can always go back to the subject I relatively like most. Ever since I actually constructed one outfit by myself, I realize this is actually the most enjoyable thing I have never done in my life and I would willing to put a lot of effort in it, I don’t know if I am a good designer or a bad designer, but at least I know I love being around messy patterns, fraying fabrics, and be really pleased with final outcomes. And then I feel complete.

Who are your favorite designers?
Gareth Pugh is the my very first inspiration in fashion, but as I had been “discovering”myself over three years in uni,I started having a “affair”with all very new london’s fashion. I am working at Katie Eary’s studio at the moment, and I really love her, both in person and her designs, it is such a fresh air for me. I also like asger juel Larsen and lina ostermann. To be honest,I can’t really pick my favourite out of all, I really admire people who brings in new ideas, whether is avant-gard or sophisticated. Both influence me in some ways

What fashion item do you obsess over?
I know it’s a bit off seasons, but I am so so so obsessed with the prada S/S 2011 platform shoes, and givenchy’s dog print sweater recently, they will be in my wardrobe soon, trust me, ha.

What future projects do you have in the pipeline?
There will be more styling works coming out from middle of September, and if everything runs on track, I will start my women collection, and will be out for sale in January
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