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Monday, April 2, 2012


I was super happy when i came across Alis Pelleschi droned out in one of my favorite designers,Carrie Munden (Cassette Playa) VICE column ,check it

Carrie & Alis have produced some amazing work together their most recent being the 3D slut x casstte playa series which im totally gagging over

Chiara looks amazing in the drone ruby nose chain and tikka which is oneof my favorite pieces from the collection
cant wait to see her droned out in Italy,
she's gorgeous and looks fit in this image taken from the SUPERSUPER's latest issue, photographed by Alis
( so cute  when Queens work together)

 Layna Lopez murders the the drone nose chain and hand chain just like she murders her dance moves!                 Anything Layna does she owns!
Cant wait to see this Goddess Dance at Coachella for miss Azelia Banks!

Venus X is a true Goddess, what i appreciate most about this Dominican  Princess ,aside from her  ghe20gothik parties and DJ skills)  is that she speaks out against the misconceptions in the music industry, she always keeps it real, she's not one to sugarcoat anything and she stays uplifting other goddesses                       

 Venus being a princess in the original drone nose chain
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

All my Drone Goddesses keep it true and Real 
Much Love to all you out there who are supporting and recognizing you are royalty!

Drone Goddess 4 LYF



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