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Thursday, October 7, 2010


If there ever was anyone who is not afraid to express their individuality it would be this girl-she is BAD ASS.
New York resident Nyne Lyves is the master mind behind the nose chains which can be seen  on celebrities like young moneys shanelle and other brave trendsetters. Not only are the nose chains refreshing but make a statement of their own. When I asked her how people react when they see her rocking the nose candy she said "Some lady today walked passed me and said "what in the fuckkkkkkkkk! I guess it isn't for everyone but the selected few, like yourself-validate the reason why I make them. I have never been into convention/and I think they're so sexy."
check out Nyne's blog to peep the  nose chains and other amazing jewels at

Posted by Zandile Nkomo <3

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