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Monday, November 8, 2010


My Bestie Dakaar is here in Bangkok Visiting me and Jordan From LondonTown! Dakaar is a Vision...Just look at him..
I met Dakaar years Ago. At first we didnt really click.Our parents had forced a friendship between us. He was up from the US studying in SA. after no more than a month we were inseparable. He has become so much more than a friend , he is Family. we ever we are in the World we always make sure we find each other!Dakaar has to be one of the most creative and (craziest)might I add,people I know. He is a Visionary Designer  upcoming musician and Fierce Model. Dakaar has accomplished so much one of them being hosting  his own Tv show on BBC . From ATL to SA to Europe to NY, At the tender age of twenty This KID is making moves! He is young, Ferocious, Fierce and Fabulous.Watch out for him on your Radar screens this kid is Gonna BLOW!POW!

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