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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Night Owls

So Last night we headed out into the city to find some Apparel,Play around with our camera and get our taste buds tingling. We took a taxi to Pratunum market to check out some of the most Dashing and elegant designs.

After looking at some pieces we headed back into the city to get some munchies...on they way there we ended up with these...


RhaRha and Chiawen make waiting for a taxi look so effortless.

So we Finally got a taxi but the downside was that he wanted to charge us a ridiculous price for a 5min drive to the next mall. We looked at our feet(AKA: Two series)and decided we would just trod on to the next mall...on our way walking on a bridge we decided to take advantage of the "LIGHT WORKS"

The whole aim of this snippet was for the individual or light to be in separate places at the same time.The next section is on the Focus and pure lighting from our Surroundings



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