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Sunday, November 21, 2010


I'm Totally besotted with Elisabeth.she is grace and style personified.
The models.
They make me sick!I want do a series of these two with nothing on but their artwork.
''Let me show you the light''

Jordan -Lee of CapitalCool
''Nat and Elisabeth'', as Dakaar would  put it are a walking campaign AD.
Dakaar and Elisabeth are Naturals ..Peep the Boots
A Team.
Thank you Nat and Elisabath for a wonderful night full of laughter and light at TUBA.
Things are really starting to shape here in Bangkok City. Being in a new city is never easy in the beginning, finding the right energies and people who share the same interests can be really hard at the start. Slowly but surely the right people will start to appear from out the shadows.Availing themselves and their energies to you.Different seasons come with different people..I wonder what this season has in store for me...

RhaRha xoxox

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