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Thursday, November 18, 2010


She's Hot... She's Engaging ...she's Sexy. . She's the Vintage Virgin.Wanna pop her  cherry? and call her Halle berry Halle berry.....Jokes Jokes I really get excited when I see such Flava!  she is DIVINE

I am FB stalker and so are you ...Ive been Stalking this Hot Mama for a while now.Im not even gonna Front.She's got swagga for days and a fANTASTIC eye for detail. Her Name caught my eye and her style kept me captivated.
So I decided to catch up with the vintage Virgin from Houston one on one.
So.......where does the name Vintage virgin originate from?
Its extremely catchy!
"It originates from my real name Jessica Virgin. Everyone just started calling me Virgin. And due to my OBSESSION with vintage, VintageVirgin just seemed h so right!"
When and how  did your love affair with Vintage dimes Begin?
"Ever since I was 8 my grandmother would take me thrifting with her as a punishment for being bad. She wouldn't let me buy anything over a dollar. That's when I learned you don't need alot of money to look good. Plus she would let me watch all the old movies and MTV(80s/90s MTV). After that I would just start dressing like all the stars from the 50 and 60s."


You have turned your passion into a Business,how has that Journey been for you
"it was a great journey but I had to slow things down. I sell here and there through my blog, wholesale overseas and pop up shops. As soon as I get it, it gone so I don't have the inventory to do eBay anymore. :( But I like it that way, more family time!"

How do u manage being a mother and staying a vintage vixen?
''I involve my son in everything I do and vice versa! He's my part-time photographer and my own Andre Leon Talley! He tells me I'm pretty like everyday. It was hard at first cause I look so young and EVERYONE thought he was my little brother or they would instantly think I'm a bad mother cause of my tattoos. Now I just don't give a f***! I take good care of my son, it shouldn't matter what I look like!''

where can people keep update on whats happening with you and Vintage Virgin?
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